What to Bring to Switzerland

While your needs are going to vary greatly, here are a few categories of things that I suggest you stock up on before moving:

  • Over-the-counter medicines – After a nasty ski accident left me with a fractured rib, I went to a pharmacy for some ibuprofen. The pharmacist didn’t speak English, and after butchering the French language in an attempt to explain my fall, she asked a ton of questions about my health, and I was finally able to purchase some rather expensive ibuprofen. Thus, stock up Tylenol, Advil, and your favorite cold medicines before you arrive.
  • Toiletries – Have a favorite face wash or moisturizer? Bring them – you likely won’t find them in Geneva. The Swiss also aren’t fans of minty-flavored toothpaste, so you might want to bring some (especially if you use Crest, which isn’t available here).
  • Spices – You’ll be able to find all of the most common spices here, but if your cooking relies on things like Tony’s or Old Bay, you need to bring it with you.
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Support Geneva Newcomers